About me

Hello! My name is Constantin Titi Dumitrescu and I love designing stuff.

If I'm not working for uni or on some project, I'm usually doodling something.

In my spare time you'll find me climbing at my local climbing center or somewhere in the mountains.


I am graduating from University of Liverpool this June (2009-2012) with a Computer Science first degree.

Before that I have attended an American university in Madrid (Saint Louis University) for two years but then I tranferred to England without finishing my studies.

Going even further, I have finished my high school in Romania in 2007, again specializing in Computer Science.

And before that... I was a kid... well I actually still am :)


You've probably seen the portfolio, so you can figure out what I'm good at, but still here are some highlights of my skills:


You won't have a problem communicating with me since I speak quite a few languages and can get around in a few others.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and Romanian; and I understand French and German quite well.

I have actually translated a graphic novel from English to Romanian: Wormworld Saga. You should go check it out, it might bring back some childhood memories :)